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Strike-A-Light - Unduh Strike-A-Light, versi 2.00

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"My part in the project was to devise a simulation that would help train a Strike X-1 operative in the strategic requirements of the weapon, to help recognize in the field exactly when was the best time to strike. The simulation did not originally contain the 'permanent conversion' of an individual. Now that I know this is possible, I have quickly re-compiled the simulation to take this into account. When I played the first 'game' of the new simulation, I suddenly realized the awesome power of the Strike X-1. Perhaps it can be used for good as well as evil? I deeply regret my part in this project, I was blinded by the excitement of the new technology, not fully understanding the means to which it would eventually be used. I now know the truth. Thanks to a colleague in the Ministry of Temporal Science, I now have a chance to seek solace. Although I cannot alter what has already happened, I can at least make an attempt to forewarn those who have yet to exist. Do not ask how I know these things. All I request is that you use the simulation often. Master the art of the last Strike - your freedom of will depends upon it..." This simulation was designed to train operatives in the strategic use of the Strike X-1, a mind altering weapon of the future. Play against the computer, or with your friends and family, either individually or as teams. Original strategic gameplay, multiple board sizes, nine difficulty levels, undo and redo, skins, save games and play-by-email. Master the last Strike. Who strikes last, strikes best. Your freedom of will depends on it!



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